TAP GUIA - All about Paraguay

Justice, Peace and Freedom - are all represented in the tricolour flag of Paraguay that has been in use officially since the 27 of November of 1842. But, so why red, white, blue? Could it have been because the old dictator Rodriguez of France was an admirer of the French-born Robespierre? Or because the Paraguayan soldiers back in the year 1802 carried blue, white and perhaps red flags when they defended Buenos Aires against the British? It is not known, and nobody questions it either - as it is customary in Paraguay

That is why we have investigated. We have looked for hidden treasures, mystic waters and adventurous roads, we have enquired through the best sources, been informed by experts and have condensed it all in detailed form and well structured for you this tourist guide. The most relevant attractions as well as information on the history and culture, useful addresses and maps of the most important cities are also in this book. All of this in a multinational presentation comprising Spanish, German and English language editions

For only 25 EUR plus 3,50 EUR postage, we will deliver the TAP guide within a few days in the comfort of your home and you will be able to start planning your holidays.

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